My R.L. Drake collection, mid to late 1960's

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(from left)- RV-4 Remote VFO (use on TR-4 or TR-6),

MS-4 Speaker w/ AC-4 Power Supply , TR-6 Transeiver,

TR-4 Transceiver, MS-4 w/AC-4 inside, MN-2000 tuner,

L-4 Amp w/ RCS-4 Antenna Switch on top of it.

(Click image for larger view).

TR-6 w/ RV-4 VFO test

TR-6 being controlled by RV-4, works fine other than

having to read the 20 meter scale on the dial. As can

be seen, dial lamp is out on RV-4, no biggy.

Anyway, power supply and TR-6 from Dayton this year work

fine. Couple dirty switches.. good contact cleaing is next.

TR-6 Internal inspection

All tags, including inpection/test tag, #158 tested 11/1969.

A couple of loose tubes, I moved all tubes around to semi

clean contacts a bit for testing, note load and plate shafts

moved back to allow removal of RF cage over power tubes.

TR-6 Smoke Test

While not a new radio, it is really clean inside. I'll

have to plan on how to de-tarnish it here and there

and degrease where needed. Visual inspection turned up

no burned/bad components, power up and tuned, 150 watts CW.


Overall, this radio is a keeper. Just the thrill of owning a TR-6 was enough

for me to spend the money on it. With only a couple peices lacking my Drake

station will likely be the center peice of my collection.

All of the major items, dials and windows are all clean and are easily read.

The MS-4/AC-4 look as clean or cleaner then the TR-6 and the speaker works

great, sounds pretty darn good. I am not happy witht the look of the plate

coil, it's pretty tarnished, but electrically it's fine, as the smoke test

proves. I ran the radio for over an hour and it seemed just fine. My 6 meter

antenna is down cause of roofing project last year, but the meter shows and

my monitoring/transmitting with FT-817 sends wonderful audio with my

Kenwood MC-50 mic hooked up to it.

Unit had no LSB filter, common to the TR-6 and none of the extra crystals needed

for higher in the band rec/tx, but it's fine for the cw-ssb (usb) of the band.

No AM filter. These can be found if needed, but no issue to me as I don't plan

on LSB or AM on 6 meters... I guess I'll have to get a Gonset if I want AM...

Now on to smoke test the Hallicrafters HT-37 I bought. Another day.